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charles W.
When my dad began showing symptoms of dementia I was at a loss as to how to deal with that. I lived 350 miles away and he refused to move. An elder care attorney recommended that I contact Sage Care. That turned out to be invaluable advice. My dad’s case manager, Kimberly, proved to be an indispensable source of referrals and advocacy for my dad. She became a friend. During the many crises with my dad she was always a calming, helpful source of practical support. She was my eyes and ears regarding my dad’s environment and condition in my absence. During Covid, with all of the restrictions, she was a lifesaver. My dad’s care was made better by her constant attention and insight to his needs. I also found the entire team at Sage to be excellent. I would not have been able to properly care for my dad without Kimberly’s and Sage’s support.Jeff Watson
Camille Da R.
Sage is always there with good advice! I have spoken and texted with Nancy Ortiz several times for different situations. With my Mom in the hospital for 5 months. We found out through experience that geriatric care in hospitals is not a given. Then the considerations of hospice. So nice to talk with someone who has "been there".
J. Barrett S.
Byron Cordes and the team at Sage Care Management (including Nancy, Kimberly, Marisol, and Holly) are fantastic. They have helped a great number of clients out dealing with assessments and geriatric care and caregiving services. Recommended without reservation.

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