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Sage Care Management is a professional resource for me when I have clients that need eyes and ears on their loved ones in the South Texas area. Families will call and being long distance - they need an aging life care manager to "manage" the care of their loved one. No matter if you ask for Byron, Kimberly, Shawn, Nancy or the rest of the team- they are on it! The best part- I hear reviews of their great communication and plan that has been set forth.Keep up the great support in our community, Sage Care Management.


  • I am so fortunate to be in your care with Sage. You all are angels on earth and can be very proud of all the good you do for so many patients.   – M.J.H (client)
  • You came into my life at a very critical moment and your visits pulled me through. I will always cherish our association.  – W.B. (client)
  • God has been very good to me and my family, having brough us together with you.  – current client
  • To the team at Sage Care Management – How great it is to be under your umbrella! I feel safe in my home with each of you on my team as you have cared for me, brought me things I need and read about the “big picture”.   – M.J.H. (client)


  • Thank you again for your care and concern.  – family member
  • We are forever grateful that we had you helping and guiding us. It was tough to know what to do at times, but you were always so graceful and practical about things.  – D.P. (family member and guardian)
  • Thanks for all you did for us and for our dad. – family member
  • It turns out that the last months of mom’s life was spent well-medicated, fed and cared for medically. These outcomes would not have been possible without the spot-on guidance I received from you all.  Thanks for all you did. – A.K.  (family member)
  • We’re so blessed to have you in our lives! Thank you for all you’ve done and the brightness you bring to our family.  – D.B. (family member)
  • You have been such a blessing for both of us. What were the chances of a complete stranger becoming such an advocated for her care, a trusted friend, a member of my loving Texas family. We both talked through tough situations not knowing the outcome. But it made us both stronger in so many ways. Love and trust are forever binding.  – L.L.  (family member and guardian)
  • Thank you for always being these for our family. Your warmth, caring and professionalism are true gifts for all you touch. We are especially grateful and know that in large part her last years were dignified because of you.  – D.P. (family member and guardian)
  • We miss Mom so much, but knowing she was loved and cared for by so many helps ease our grief. We can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and support through these past years. Not just to our beloved mother, but to the whole family.  – M.P. (family member)
  • Having you there and having you visit her monthly greatly eased my mind. I left reassure she was being well-taken care of. You were my eyes and ears and more. I shall be eternally grateful. You all do a wonderful job and necessary service for older, vulnerable people especially when there is no family nearby. I can’t praise you enough.  – family member
  • Thanks again for helping crate a safe and dignified journey for us. Perfect mission statement and I see it realized. – D.B. (family member)
  • You all have made this difficult journey easier and doable for me with your constant support and help. – family
  • Just a note to thank you for your regular and detailed visit reports you send regarding Mom. I find great comfort knowing you consistently see and advocate for her. We appreciate having a Sage Care liaison.  – C.C. (family member)
  • Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and advice. – family member
  • My mother ended her life in a cocoon of love thanks to you and I will forever be grateful. – A.K. (family member)
  • You were a wonderful boon to Mom (and to us) and she and all of us valued your presence and expertise.  – P.P.  (family member)
  • Thank you for taking care of our mom.  – M.W. (family member)
  • I wanted to write and say thank you for the care provided. You were a great team. Your ability to provide necessary resources was a great help. I am so glad Sage Care Management was involved as an integral part of her care. – family member
  • Mom was a beautiful woman who created beauty and the fact that you all understood that so well was a blessing to both of us. Thank you so much for your love and your care. I consider you all friends and will never forget that this was so much more than a job for you.  – A.K.  (family member)
  • No matter how trying a situation, you always remained calm and collected and found a way to resolve the issue.  – family member
  • The folks at Sage make our everyday life so much easier.  – A.B. (family member)
  • Thanks for much for all you have done and are doing. You are special and we are grateful to God for providing you. – family member
  • You all did an excellent job managing the various concerns brought on due to the winter storm. Once the family knew you would be managing the care for my sister, they were relieved and were als able to focus on their own storm related issues. We were pleased that my sister did not lose any ground cognitively or physically during this time.   – M.W. (family member)


  • Thank you for looking after her, she would be lost without you.  – professional partner
  • Thank you for all you did. Your visits gave the family peace of mind.  – professional partner
  • You were extremely attentive to every detail and always available no matter the hour of the day, providing a vital support system for a very apprehensive patient.  – professional partner