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You’ve probably found us today on your search for answers. For support. For advice you can trust. Perhaps you have an aging parent or a disabled loved one who now needs a myriad of new services, and you don’t know where to begin. This can be a difficult time—emotionally, financially and logistically—but rest assured you are not alone. You have found Sage Care Management.

We are a professional care management company that specializes in coordinating the unique needs of seniors and disabled adults. Locally owned and deeply rooted in South Central Texas, we are the area’s premier care management resource. We have exceptional relationships with highly qualified providers that we would recommend to loved ones of our own, and our extensive knowledge of the area means no resource is left untapped.

We address our client’s unique needs by providing advocacy, collaboration, and education to clients, their families, and the community. Whether you need someone to manage every detail of your loved one’s life, or simply need help devising a plan for your family to follow, our highly experienced team of care managers can provide recommendations with confidence and diverse perspectives.

From finding the best prices on services to suggesting new options you hadn’t thought of, Sage Care Management will help you navigate the unknown. And if you live far away, we provide the ultimate service…total peace of mind.