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February 15, 2021
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April 16, 2021
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What Makes Us Different

As an informed consumer, we understand that you have choices. And as someone invested in the care and wellbeing of your loved one, we understand that you want nothing short of the best. As such, you may be wondering: how is Sage any different than other care management companies? To explain just how unique we are, founder and CEO Byron Cordes has a few words:

“I have been working in the field of Social Work for over 30 years; and as an Aging Life Care Manager for nearly 20 of that. I have had the privilege of traveling across the country, meeting other care managers, and discussing their business models. I am proud to serve the aging and disabled populations alongside my colleagues. 

 “But I do believe Sage Care Management does things a little differently. First, we utilize a Strengths-Based/Holistic Social Work Model. This means we look at the senior or disabled adult in the context of their environment and assess how their inherent strengths can be built upon. I have discussed what this means in another blog post, “What Is a Social Work Model,” and would urge you to read that for a full description.  

 “Secondly, Sage Care Management has a diverse team, with diverse backgrounds in the aging and disability fields. Some other care managers are solo providers or have a team that are all in the same field. We have a full team that is solely dedicated to Sage‒and with backgrounds in social work, nursing, and sociology. 

 “Lastly, Sage care managers are all licensed and/or certified in the field. This means our clients and their families get a team they deserve: one that has education, training, and accountability to a code of ethics. To this last point, some other care managers may also sell home care, get paid for placement, or act as paid guardians. These can create conflicts of interest in a care manager’s ability to provide unbiased care and recommendations. Sage Care Management does not engage in other services – we serve the senior and their interests only.”

Aging isn’t easy. But we’re here to help. Call, email, or message us to find out how nobody does aging like Sage.

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