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July 9, 2020
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What is a Social Work Model?

Byron Cordes – Sage Care Connection Post #2

As we continue to define Aging Life Care Management®, it is important to note there is no one size-fits-all model of care management. I am constantly meeting both new and seasoned care managers from across the country; and every time I learn of some new way that care managers are working with their unique populations. Make no mistake, similarities among care managers are strong, and we always look out for the best interest of the client. So, while there may be a variety of differences among care management practice models, I have distilled them down to two major distinctions. These are: 1) a social work model or 2) a medical model.

The medical model typically focuses on a client’s diseases and dysfunctions; therefore, the interventions are typically the medical treatments for these issues. Many of these care management practices will be staffed by traditional medical professionals such as nurses. This is not to say medical issues are the only problems addressed by these practices, but they are the primary focus for determining interventions. Much of the verbiage on medical care management practice websites or promotional materials will specifically target the client’s health or medical appointments.

Sage Care Management has a unique, cross-functional team of professionals. Our team includes social workers as well as nurses, but our practice always uses a Social Work model to guide and focus the Aging Life Care® interventions. This model tends to be more holistic – bringing together the social, biological and psychological effects on aging and disabilities. Note that a social work model addresses medical issues within the context of all the other issues affecting the client. Social work was founded through social case management in the 19th century, and the profession has been perfecting the skills of looking at the entire client system for nearly 150 years. We do this, in the present, by addressing issues through a prism of strengths. By using this strengths perspective, Sage Care Management takes what is working for the client and their family and builds upon these.

Hopefully this helps you to understand some of the difference in Aging Life Care®
practices and give you the perspectives to choose one that is right for you.

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