It’s Hot…Here’s How Aging Folks Can Beat the Heat

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July 15, 2021
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It’s Hot…Here’s How Aging Folks Can Beat the Heat

You’ve probably noticed that America is heating up. In fact, for many states, June and July were the hottest on record. Older folks in particular are more vulnerable to extreme heat, since it can be harder for their bodies to regulate temperature. That’s why it’s all the more important to ensure that older individuals are taking the precautions necessary to stay safe. Here are a few tips to staying cool when temperatures rise:

  • Drink more water than you think you need. Your body loses more water through sweat than you realize. So even if you’re not thirsty, you could still be dehydrated.
  • Instead of hot, heavy meals, try to stick to cool, lighter meals like salad, chicken or pasta. A big part of staying cool is conserving energy, and when our bodies are overheated, we can use up a lot of that energy through our digestion. So go easy on your stomach.
  • It’s better not to go outside during a heatwave. If you have to, though, try to go out earlier in the day, before the temperature reaches its peak.
  • This is an obvious one, but close the blinds and crank up the AC! Sunlight can heat up a space very quickly simply by shining through the windows. If you’re concerned about the expense of keeping the AC running, consider taking several cool showers throughout the day, keeping a cool, damp towel on hand, or visiting a public cooling center, like a library, cafe, or senior center.
  • Symptoms of heat-related illness can include dizziness, nausea, headaches, an increase in one’s pulse, physical exhaustion and muscle cramps. Prescribed medication can also sometimes reduce circulation and the amount you sweat, which can affect how your body regulates temperature. If you are beginning to feel sick, don’t wait to reach out to a doctor’s office, clinic, or a loved one. Take action immediately.
  • Check in on older folks who live alone. Heat-related illness can often come on quickly and unannounced, so make sure they’re staying healthy in the heat.

There are so many factors that can make caring for a loved one more difficult. Sometimes, that difficulty can come in the form of rising temperatures. But we can help. If you need help coordinating care, whatever the reason, please reach out to us. Everyone deserves to lead a safe and healthy life. It’s our privilege to help you do that.



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