Caring for a Loved One When You Can’t Be There

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January 29, 2021
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Caring for a Loved One When You Can’t Be There

In the present age of Covid, it can be difficult to provide care to our homebound loved ones, especially when we can’t be with them in person. Now, more than ever, care resources for those unable to leave their home can be difficult to come by. This is why it is increasingly vital to ensure that our friends and family who can’t leave the house are receiving the attention they require. Check out these helpful tips on caring for an aging person at home from our very own care manager, Kimberly:

  • Take advantage of relationships with neighbors. Ask them to drop in on your loved one or notify you if they don’t see typical activity (newspapers not picked up, blinds not opened, etc.).
  • Use video technology for check-ins such as Alexa, Amazon, or Google Video devices. These devices can also be programmed for medication reminders and can be used to call for EMS.
  • Use meal delivery or grocery delivery.
  • Enlist volunteer help from local churches, community groups, schools or senior centers for services such as meal delivery, socialization opportunities/visits, yard work, and home maintenance.
  • Access services from local senior centers such as meals, social activities, and transportation to medical appointments. Look into programming at the senior center for day time socialization and care.
  • For more information on what to think about when caring for someone stuck at home, check out this article from the Wall Street Journal: How to Care for Aging Parents When You Can’t Be There

There is so much consideration that goes into caring for the needs of a loved one, and Sage is here to help. When choices get too difficult to make, when some questions seem impossible, Sage can provide answers. If you’re reading this and looking for options, there’s good news: we’ve got your back. Call or email us today. Important care for your loved one can’t wait.

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